Sunday, 24 November 2013

Decorate Your Christmas Tree

'10 Fabulous Ideas'
Decorate Your Christmas Tree
The Way You'll Probably Never Get To!
Its that wonderful time of year when carol music fills the air, twinkling lights adorn every high street and the children are beside themselves in anticipation, waiting and wondering just what the magic man himself might bring.

Who couldn't love Christmas? It's an amazing and special time of the year to celebrate with those nearest and dearest to us, to share, to love and not forget everything that is important to us. But, as with everything that is amazing, comes a lot of pressure.

With so much to do it can sometimes be difficult to see the wood for the trees, and what we imagine its all going to turn out like, just doesn't quite materialise.

Decorating the christmas tree is tradition in most houses. It is the one thing the children insist on participating in and something that most of us, when they have gone to bed, tweak, hoping they will not remember in the morning where they placed that special little bauble, which just looked sooo out of place...

Of course, we would never change this for the world. Our own fond memories of decorating the tree with tinsel and hanging oversized concertina foil decorations from corner to corner would never allow us to deprive our little ones of the same reminiscences.

But, if someone could just magically come in and do it all for us with a touch of that designer flare, would we turn them away? I don't think so...

Take a look at someone of the amazing trees below and choose your favourite. May be, if you showed the little ones this, you could go out shopping together for some new decorations and try to re-create it yourselves!! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink x)...

Or, on the the other hand, you might just be a dab hand yourself at decorating the tree, and some of these might just not compare! 

Whatever the case may be, I'm sure most of us would never change it for the world. Christmas is not about what the tree looks like, its more about spending the time together putting it up!

May we wish you a very merry christmas and hope that no matter what you enjoy, good, bad or excellent tree and all...

Monday, 18 November 2013

Lucas Frank

Boyish & British

This new and exciting british boys clothing brand, really is what it says on the tin, Boyish & British.

Quality, style and comfort are all in abundance. Close attention to detail has been paid around the neck lines with colour layering and intricate stitching.

Sizes start at 2yrs - 12yrs

There is a huge gap in the market for mid range boys stylish & wearable clothing. 
Leaders, such as Hugo Boss & Ralph Lauren have dominated the boys designer market, but now Lucas Frank have created a brand that costs almost half but does not compromise on quality & style.


Kiddi Clobber cannot wait for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection to start arrive in mid february '14.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How To Persuade Kids To Do Their Chores

One clever mums simple way to get the kids to do their chores!

Do you have any other bright ways?

Saturday, 24 August 2013

BillieBlush - Spring/Summer 2014

This new and exciting brand, just about to enter its second season, has created a stir in the world of children's fashion. 

The brand was created to cater for a mid range designer children's market.  C.W.F. Children's Worldwide Fashion, the licensee holders of some of the world best known children's designers brands such as Hugo Boss, Burberry, Timberland and Chloe, created BillieBlush to fill the gap between that unique designer flare and the price tag attached to it.

To view the whole collection please click here: Billieblush

Autumn/Winter 2013 will only be their second season and already some of the biggest players in the kids fashion industry are stocking the brand, Harrods, Selfridges and more. The likes of Victoria Beckham's little girl Harper has also been spotted wearing Spring/Summer 13!

Kiddi Clobber went to view the Spring/Summer 2014 collection last week and we were blown away at how gorgeous and wearable the clothing is. On her first buying trip, my daughter came with me. Her first reaction when she walked through the door of the showroom was that of utter delight. A kid in candy store to say the least! Look on and you'll see why...

Their stunning raincoat, all ready a best seller this season in all pink, will come in gold and pink next year... Yummy eh?... Yes!... We thought you'd say that...

Beautiful, yet cool playsuit... Light and easy to wear but the intricate detailing makes this stand out from the crowd.

With a variety of styles and colours, these shorts and tops are easily mixed and matched.

Simple summer dresses...

...and a selection of occasion wear that little girls will just love.
My one certainly did!

BillieBlush wil be available in sizes 2yrs - 12yrs

We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback of this brand or if their is anything more you would like to know please ask us...!

Free Educational Games for Kids - Make Your Own

Make Your Own Educational Games

We know that education for our children is one of the most important aspects in their life, but when they bring home their homework sometimes both you and your child can seem a little deflated at the monotony of it all. 

We have put together some cheap ways both you and your child can get involved in creating games that will have them hooked from the start. If they help make them, they are more likely to want to see how they work... 

Messy play and education all rolled into one. Its a winner all round!

The great thing about creating your own is you can make them however you like. Add themes that your child loves.  They can be as individual as you as like. Tailored made just for them!

Make a card for each player with numbers 1 - 6 spread randomly over your shape. Roll the dice - The first to highlight all their numbers wins! Use counters if you do not want to keep making the shapes over and over again. Be creative and draw whatever shapes you like...

Park The Car Word Game

The is a great way of helping your child recognise phonics or sight words. Maybe its spellings this week... You say the word and you child parks the car in the right bay!

Lego Maths Game

Most children as we know love lego. It is the best selling toy of all time. Why not incorporate this into a simple game. The one with highest tower at the finish wins...

Match The Letters

If you are teaching you child to recognise the alphabet why not use this simple but affect method. You can customise your roll. Maybe turn it into a fairy wand or a sword. Then when they are done, maybe a sword fight or few wishes afterwards...

Shut The Box

Once your child gets hooked on this you'll want to have dice, paper and a pen with you every time you leave the house. The same rules apply as in shut the box.

Blast Off

My name is......?....... rocket blocks long! 
Stick them on their bedroom doors when your finished.

Apple Picking For Literacy

A great excuse to spend the day outdoors. Oh and some letter recognition at the same time.

These ideas are simple yet affective. If you also have some great idea, we would love you to share them us and everybody else.